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By Admin, 05/30/22, 4:30PM EDT


We ask you to please remember referees are people.  

Please talk to your children about respecting the referees, the coaches, their teammates, and the opposing teams.  If there is ANY unsportsmanlike behaviour from or towards referees, players, coaches or spectators our club could be fined and your player could be removed from the team. 

If your player receives a red card, the team will receive a fine from EMSDL.  

A referee might miss a call, or make the wrong call - they are only one person on the field watching 22 players.  Be kind to our referees so they continue to come out. 

Behaviour on the pitch or the sidelines will be taken very seriously. Please follow these four points below, or remove yourself from the area and return when you are in a more positive, supportive mindset.

  • Always be respectful
  • Always refrain from using foul for abusive language
  • Let the coaches coach
  • No smoking allowed at any field

Before your game this week (and every week), remind yourself and your player how to represent St. Marys with Respect.